As we draw to the end of the summer it is a good time to look back on the significant progress that has been made with jobs and safety through a variety of developments and initiatives. Dayne has been hard at work and the positive results are coming in.

Economic and community development is going strong in Flint. The new Flint Farmers Market is supporting more than a hundred small businesses and entrepreneurs and has been a huge success. The new American Pipe Company is getting up and running at their site off of Stewart Avenue in the former Buick City corridor. The KWA pipeline is ahead of schedule and under budget and currently has more than 800 workers in place. These are transformative projects that are bringing good jobs to Flint—and all consistent with the adopted comprehensive master plan.

Dayne’s approach is to grow our economy from the bottom up by getting people back to work and supporting small local businesses. Just today ABC12 did a story on the Buy Nearby campaign which was introduced at the Flint Farmers Market with the Mayor leading the charge. Here is the story.

The other top priority is always reducing crime. Last month marked the beginning of a new initiative by the City of Flint Police Department and Flint Lifelines called Operation Fresh Start. The program will allow Flint residents with outstanding misdemeanor warrants to resolve their legal issues, avoid jail time and court costs.  Representatives from the City of Flint, Genesee County, the State of Michigan and many community-based organizations will work to settle minor civil infractions and help eligible citizens apply for driver’s licenses, connect with health services and employment opportunities as well as enroll in continuing education classes.

These outstanding warrants for minor civil infractions prevent people from seeking employment and applying for driver’s licenses. This increases the chances that they will turn to unlawful activities to support themselves and provide for their families. Operation Fresh Start will break this cycle and allow many Flint residents a second chance to be productive citizens again.  The first event was focused on individuals in the 48501 and 48502 zip codes with more Fresh Start events coming every other month for Flint residents living in other zip codes to gradually reduce the outstanding warrants and get more folks back on the right track. The City of Flint Police Department’s Facebook has a good post up on this here.

Dayne supports this bold new initiative by the City of Flint Police Department and its goal of eliminating barriers that prevent individuals from improving their lives. Over the coming months, Operation Fresh Start will allow more residents to take responsibility for their past actions and become better citizens. With more development and jobs coming in, it is a perfect combination.

Transforming Flint is a big job but the work is now fully underway thanks to Dayne’s perseverance and leadership. Thanks for standing by him because it is always going to take a team approach to bring back new jobs, safe neighborhoods and opportunities for all of our youth.

Posted on Aug 26, 2014


The real estate website recently published an article that shares 29 Things You Need to Know About Flint Before You Move There. All 29 items highlight positive aspects of our community and run counter to many of the stereotypes and misconceptions that often plague our city. Everything from our fantastic recreational opportunities, our music and culture, to our passions for sports, beautification and coney dogs are highlighted.


Read the article here and share it on social media. The world needs to know that there are many great things happening right here in Flint.




Posted on Aug 12, 2014

Mayor Walling supports Proposal 1. Vote Yes on Michigan Proposal 1 and help stabilize local community services like police, fire, schools, and senior services.

Posted on Aug 5, 2014

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